June 22, 2010


the international whaling commission is meeting in morocco to try and debate a deal that could regulate whaling for the next 10 years. the proposal would see iceland, japan and norway given annual quotas for hunting and those hunts would be more tightly scrutinised. not only that but the international trade of whale meat [and other parts] could be banned.
certain countries claim that their reasons for whaling are being ignored. i guess that's because their reasons are nonsense and ultimately revolve around financial greed.
The 'scientific research' excuse that the few remaining whaling nations use is the most appalling piece of political nonsense. they are *not* needed for research.
enforcing a complete blanket ban on whaling of any kind - covering *all* species of whale including dolphins and sharks - is the only way to prevent these amazing creatures from becoming extinct.
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JoAnn's-D-Eyes said...

Hi Gaz,
fffff! I also hate the hunting of whales (or any other animal) why oooh why? Its not needed, no excuse is accepted I agree.

Thanks I don't know you, but your supporting words , to help me feel a bit better, wer very sweet and a bit helpfull. (On my blog I wrote about loosing me 11TH year youngh dog)I still feel sick from sadness, its terrible to loose a dog from lungcancer, I hope no-one will have the same experience like I did,Its takes a long time to heal.

Greetings and thanks again JoAnn Holland