November 15, 2007

not so golden now...

leaves in the fall come tumbling down,
scarlet and yellow, russet and brown,
leaves in the garden are swept in a heap,
the trees are ready for sleep.


JamesF said...

I love pictures of frost. I always have what feels like a hard time taking them though since there's usually less than optimal light and my lens isn't a macro lens so it's not designed for close up shots.

Doesn't look like you have any of the problems I do though since this is a very nice shot.

gaz said...

cheers james. i only use the 18-55mm lens that came with it but it's pretty good. sometimes i get a little too close and the thing just won't fire!

Kerri said...

Lovely Leafy Post! Nice capture of the Frost. I have a shot similar to this in my archives.

I think you and I may be using the same type of camera. I'm using a
Nikon D40X - is that what you are using??

gaz said...

thanks for the comment kerri.
i use a nikon d40, so yes essentially the same tool. great to use isn't it?

Moi said...

it's a lovely coomentary on the end of fall and approaching winter