November 28, 2007

going home...

longing to give my wife a big bear hug to let her know i'm there for her.
waiting with anticipation to hear what my boys have been up to at the end of a long day.
listening to chris evans on radio 2 ask a kid "what have you done for the first time today?".
grateful that even with bad traffic, my journey home only takes me 15 minutes.
awestruck at how my brain interprets light into images.


Scott said...

nice job capturing the mood in both words and lights. I can totally relate on a dark winter night. (Although my commute is 75 minutes each way.) :-(

Kerri said...

Neat image!

evlahos said...

very interesting shot

Moi said...

15 minutes!on a bad traffic day !!! you are lucky :)

and a beautiful post :)