November 29, 2007

apparently he's a crazy superstar

"brum's a supercar who'll always be right there for you
stoppin' crooks from getting away
a crazy superstar he's racing everywhere for you
brum's in town saving the day!"


Anonymous said...

beautiful composition, wonderful colors

Kerri said...

How cute! You always come up with the most interesting angles for your shots! My daughter tells me I need to "think outside the box" more..... you certainly seem to do that wonderfully!

Kerri said...

Gaz, I remember you commenting once on a train shot I had in B&W.
Well, Dot has one of train tracks posted...and it is in B&W...and I thought it I thought I'd send you the link.

It is:


Moi said...

he sure has the looks of a superstar :DDD