August 20, 2008

abc wednesday | e

i thought i'd join in with abc this week.
e is for... ethan. one of my trio of little boys.
you'll have to wait for 'j' and 'r' for the other two!

- - update - -
several people have asked what was on his mind.
if memory serves me right we were somewhere special and he didn't want to leave. i was trying to rally the troups for a family photo before we left but ethan wasn't having any of it so i snapped him as he was. it turned out to be my favourite shot of the day.


Bear Naked said...

Welcome to ABC Wednesday.
Hello Ethan.

Bear((( )))

Moi said...

sweet! :) he looks comepletely bored there!!! :DDD

and gaz, i'm no Kerri ;DDDD


hello gaz
nice to meet your boys
in greece, we say 'na ton herese'
which means 'may you have many years in which to enjoy their presence'

dot said...

Very nice B&W photo! Looks like he's either mad or doing some serious thinking.

Tommy V said...

Great picture and the best use of "E"

marina said...

I believe he wanted to sleep!!! Anyway he's very cute:)

Denise said...

Welcome aboard to ABC Wednesday. A great picture. The black and white reminded me of my old school photos. So what was he thinking?

Kerri said...

Fabulous shot Gaz! A handsome boy!

Greyscale Territory said...

This little guy has an amazing, unusual expression on his face! Love it!