June 09, 2008

dia daoibh

pronounced 'dee-a-gweev', this is how you say hello to more than one person. i'm hoping there's more than one of you still visits since i've been inactive for so long. anywho, i've been to ireland so i'll be posting some photos from thereabouts. hope you are all well and i'll be trying to get round to seeing my fave blogs very soon.

may as well link this in with project blue too - seeing as it's pretty blue. ;-]


Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

OH wow.. Ireland! It's good to know you are still around and you are well! I missed your photography. I am sure we will see many beautiful photos of your travels. I am looking forward to it.
Mountain Retreat

Raven said...

Nice photo. Now you have definitely said hello to more than one person.

Carletta said...

Love that shot!
Ireland - I will certainly visit. My family on my Mom's side came to the US from Ireland - I've always wanted to go. Guess I'll just take a virtual vacation via your blog!

Kerri said...

We've missed you GAZ!!
Glad you are back and can't wait to see more of your shots from Ireland.
This is lovely...and perfect for Proejct Blue!