January 09, 2008

pretty polly

well i'm back after a long break and looking forward to getting stuck back in to the blog thang!
didn't have time to sort through the 400 photos i've taken over the last 2 weeks yet, so i figured i'd just grab one from my 'zoo' folder.


Kerri said...

Lovely shot of Polly! The colors are so vivid!

Can't wait for you to sort thru your 400.....I am looking forward to seeing those!

And thanks so much for the kind comments on my blog! I really appreciate them!

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

Wow, this is beautiful!! Stunning colors!
I'm excited to see all your other pictures.
Thank you for dropping by. It was nice to see you back...
Rocky Mountain Retreat

dot said...

That is an A-1 fantastic picture!!

imac said...

Gaz, You have a great blog, your photos are brill,Polly,Beauty(made me smile), and sky watch.

Thanks for visiting my lil ol blog and your kind and helpful comments.
Hope you dont mind but i am going to link to you.

Happy 2008 to you too.

evlahos said...

great capture with fantastic colors and very cute model

Peter Parrott said...

Hello there Gaz
Old Wom Tigley is showing me how to comment today
I like the parrot but with my name I would
Thank you for visiting me and leaving comments Gaz. I am knew to this and computers
Tom is finding it a big laugh when my fingers hit the wrong button.
You have some great pictures here I will get Tom to show me more of them
Thank you again

Annie said...

While you had your camera's eye on him, he had his eye on you.

Moi said...

Polly makes a very "fiesta" pic :)