January 31, 2007

trees grow - walls crumble


Scott said...

These are really nice pictures... I thought I read somewhere in your past posts that you snap some of these pictures on your way to work. That would lead me to believe that you have the lucky benefit of walking to work (sans car). If this is the kind of scenery you pass on your daily walk, I am truly jealous. (Both that you can live sans car and that you have such nice countryside to walk in.)

I'm stuck driving 35 miles each way every day, and the only good thing I get out of it is that I read a ton of books on tape! (So it's not totally wasted time.)

gaz. arrggg! said...

cheers m8 - these last 2 were taken at my brother-in-law's farm.
sorry to burst the preverbial bubble!
unfortunately i don't get to travel to work sans car, even though i'm only 10 miutes away. mainly due to me dropping off and collecting my boys from nursery and school on the 3 days my missus teaches. i do however possess a bike - but how ofen i use it makes me hang my head in shame.
the photos i take on the way to/from work tend to mean that i've pulled over to snap something.

Q: how do you put italics in these comment boxes?

Scott said...

I'm going to continue to pretend that there's this chap in Britain who gets to walk to work through these scenic vistas. My bubble has a pretty thick skin on it. :-)

Italics (and bold) are pretty easy. Just type the following in the comment box next time:

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gaz. arrggg! said...

nice one